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This is a very simple and beautiful app that does exactly what you want it to do. I use it as my screensaver because it’s visually very attractive, provides instant information about the date and time and the weather and provides lovely background imagery of breezes blowing through trees, rain falling in the forest, calm lakes and rivers, pretty much anything that’s beautiful and reflective of the weather in your area. This is a straight up five star app!

Like my weather app is good news app to me and has to do with out it

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Weather app

This app is well done, like it.

Ad sound just annoying

Works great. I really like your app but lately when the ad pops up there is sound. I need to be able to turn that off. I hope I can because I won’t be able to keep the app if not. No response from anyone. Deleting the app. Bummed but can do the ad sound!

Good App

Good app & beautiful video


I hate rain!!!


Accurate forecasts

I paid. Still got ads

I paid the subscription for no ads and some other useless stuff like weather backgrounds. I only cared about the no ads. Hate them. Literally an hour after paying I started getting the ads again. Keep the $5.00. I’ll go elsewhere.


Great app but would be awesome to have the weather showing on lock screen, with effect with locked screen. Meaning if it’s storming or snowing it should be shown over my picture for my locked screen.


A very pretty app with incorrect current temperatures which don’t update automatically. Plus its background vids, a key feature, don’t actually load as a background. This is Empty Promiseware.


It's great


Very good so far, weather is accurate.


Love this app

Too many ads

Weather great but way too many pop up ads


it’s nice good


Why doesn’t icon show correct time or correct date or correct temperature?

Nicely designed layout

I have tried so many weather apps and none has impressed me with looks and layout like this one. Layout is pleasing and not overly stuffed with information that you have to search for information. And I like the back ground videos that you can also add more for free just by watching a short advertisement.

Weather+ spams

This used to be my favorite paid weather subscription app for years. Suddenly Weather+ forgot I was a paying member and invasively installed a “DailyDoppler” Identity on my iPhone without my consent, with a fully functioning email which I could not delete by normal means. It acted as a bucket for so much adware that I could not get to my regular mail. Now that I write for Forbes I think I will right about how , in my opinion these techniques are not only invasive but resemble spam-ware cyber crime. Despite my paid service I’m deleting the app because of the way Weather+ invades my iPhone and set up its own email not selectable by normal means.

Very intrusive adds that hijack your screen.

Deleted !

Great app

This app is great and so easy to use.


Not easy to change from one city to another and to see anything other than current temperatures

Fun and Easy!

I love being able to find out what the weather is like anywhere in the world!

It's good

It is okay, but it needs WIFI and what if you are traveling and need to check the weather? YOU CAN'T!!!

Not as accurate as one would like. Too many ads.

Wrong more then half the time

Nice detailed info; well displayed.

Review title says it all.


It’s accurate 50% of the time. Sometimes I get nothing, just lines where the temps are supposed to be.


Can't pull up radar!

Weather Review

I really enjoy the screens!

Nice that you are there.


Has issues

The app frequently only loads a background image, with no forecast details. Has gotten slower with each subsequent update.


It is good for a weather app

Worked fine... at first

Quit updating for some reason. If I re-enter the zip code it updates the days weather but not the week. Good looking app just doesn’t work for me...

Weather Bust

This app was great at one time. There a more ads than weather. It’s ridiculous to FORCE one to buy ads and background weather background. Don’t bother with app.

Nice when it works, which isn’t often.

I use this as the default screensaver on the iPad we have mounted on a wall in the kitchen. I paid for the full subscription but the same handful of vids play all the time, the weather is unbelievably inaccurate (claimed it was 135 degrees out today,) and most annoyingly it’s started blanking out every 10 minutes or so with only the clock working. For a paid app this is unacceptable.

Catch up

This app always seems to be behind by several hours some days. Other times I open it and everything is simply a dash where numbers should have been. I would never ask for a tee time based upon the predictions it displays. Pretty page but dumb.

Just Temp

The temp I use most also shows temps in major world citiesJoecummin

Not dependable

Doesn’t always load my area would be a great app if it was dependable

Live,Animated,but costly

Easy indicative and real backgrounds but with all the nice backgrounds easy to use UI it’s alittle reedundant with all the free accurate weather apps this one has a month 6 month or year long membership yes ads disappear but most phones today come with a free weather app no fees but if your looking for a beautiful clock for home office or just while your charging your time hone and want to display a nice animated clock then this is recommended

Love it

Visually the app is very appealing. Sometimes it’s blank with no temperatures. Sometimes I question the accuracy because it different than what the television news meteorologist forecasts. I don’t like the ads that come up for the severe weather apps. I don’t want have to close it out every time I come here.




I am tired of having to fight through all of the commercials before getting the weather!


Love it every time!


Concise easy to decipher

Too many ads

I love this app and I have had it for a very long time however all of a sudden it starting having way too many ads and the subscription is to much. Searching for another app without all the unnecessary ads. I can’t even seen the weather without adds popping up. It's annoying

Inaccurate AND you get ads!

I used to find this app useful and reliable. Somewhere along the update way something went terribly wrong. The app has been so off at times as to make me laugh: middle of a huge rainstorm but the app reads ☀️. 60 degrees but the app reads 100. I’ll do a double take to make sure I’m looking at the right city. I am. Plus, now I have to sit through a stupid ad to get the wrong information. Lose lose.


Make me laugh pretty well!!!

Sub standard. Not worth the full page ads.

Too often I wake up to NO local forecast. It’s pretty, but useless.

Awesome app

This is a good app for iPad and pretty accurate to.

Weather with heavy overcast of advertisement

Terrific app with loads of up front information. Yes I’m aware one can pay a monthly fee to avoid the plethora of ad’s, but too much info on the free side to just see the weather on the fly....

Review weather

I did not get the degrees for every day weather only the time ??? Thank

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